Learn How To Generate The Maximum Rental Bookings
For Your Property In Spain Whilst Keeping Your
Costs Down And Turning A Consistent Profit

In the current economic climate, generating consistent bookings for your property in Spain can be very tough. Let me show you how you can stay ahead of the fierce competition and explode your rental bookings!

From Lisa Kilkenny

Dear Property Renter

It sounds like another hyped up claim doesn't it?

I understand. These are tough times. Actually no, these are VERY tough times. The current worldwide economic uncertainty and the explosion of thousands of new holiday rental properties coming onto the market all the time means that it has never been more difficult to generate consistent and profitable holiday rental bookings for your property in Spain.

You probably feel that you're already doing your best and you probably feel that it would be very difficult to generate even just a few more bookings a year.

Well let me tell you that you CAN. Renting out your property in Spain is just like running a small business. If you're not running it in such a fashion then you'll never make a profit or even worse, continue to make a loss.

Let me explain how you can increase
your holiday rental bookings...

I've been in the rentals business for over four years now. I've seen the market grow phenomenally in that time in terms of the competition. All the new developments that have been completed in just those four years have made things tough, very tough, for any property renter.

Many of of the properties in these new developments have been bought by investors, speculators and those just wanting a place in the sun. Most of these people need to generate some income from their properties to enable them to actually keep them and possibly even use them themselves.

And just recently it's become even tougher...

The unfavourable exchange rate means your property in Spain is costing you more than it did, or would have done, just one year ago. The relentless rise in the mortgage rates means you're also paying more for your mortgage.

Coupled with the fact that everyone is in money-saving mode these days means that getting those holiday bookings and actually making them profitable is one massive challenge.

Have I been lucky or do I
just know what I'm doing?

Having been right in the thick of it for the past few years, I saw it all coming. I lined up my holiday rentals business to cope with the competition. I was able to adapt fast enough to the changing environment and started using some key techniques to get those extra precious bookings, but more importantly, to get them to return the following year...with their friends too!

Before I tell you more about what I did and do, let me tell you a bit about who I am and why you should keep reading...

I started off where you are today. I had my one property that I owned in Spain and I would rent it out and get as many bookings as I could by whatever method I could. I'd get my friends and family to rent if from me, I'd get my workmates to use it and try and get them to tell their friends to use it.

I was relatively happy in the early days, it seemed to be quite easy to get people to rent my property.

But then one day it just dawned on me...

My family and friends weren't paying the price I was hoping to get. I would of course give them a special (big) discount. I would give the same discount to my friends too...and then their friends would expect the same discount again!

When I started adding up the figures I soon realised I was actually subsidising all my family's and friends' holidays!

I was actually running at a loss!

Instead of making money I was actually losing money. I'd given them such great rental rates that it wasn't covering the laundry costs, the cleaning costs, the maintenance costs, the utilities costs (air conditioning was on ALL day) and so on.

No wonder I had so many friends!

That's when I decided to take control. If this was going to work for me at all I needed to focus. I needed to run this as a business. I needed to run it with the goal of actually turning a profit. What's the point in doing it if you're actually losing money? You'd be better off not renting it out at all.

I became ruthless! No more huge discounts for family and friends, especially during the peak times of July and August. Yes, they weren't happy but I'm not a charity. I bought this property as an investment and I was determined to make it work.

This was actually quite a turning point for me too as now I couldn't rely solely on family and friends for my bookings. I turned to the Internet. I immersed myself in everything there is to know about working your rentals on the Internet. I had to make it work.

And did I actually manage to make
it work out in the end?

You bet I did! The following year I had more bookings than ever and they were all paying the full price! They were even re-booking for the next year. They'd then return home, tell their friends about it and their friends would call me asking if we had any availability next to their mates!

Now, don't get me wrong here. It wasn't and still isn't easy. I work the system day-in-day-out. It was a huge effort to get it going and a continuous effort to keep the bookings coming in.

I have to warn you, if you're not prepared to put in the effort yourself then you may as well stop reading now. Remember, you need to treat your property like a small business and you must run it accordingly.

So what is it I do and why does it work?

I base my entire business around just one concept. Customer satisfaction. Sounds easy enough hey! Yes, but I was keeping my family and friends very happy whilst actually losing money. That's not a great way to run a small business.

The system I put in place, and still use today, works! The main focus of my system is to please the holiday-maker at every stage of his/her holiday and you need to do the exact same thing. It starts at the very beginning...

tick The best advert - You need the best photos and the best description to get them interested and submit an enquiry.
tick Speed of response - The same person will have enquired about various properties. You need to get in there first and be professional.
tick Follow up the enquiry - Communicating with a potential renter is key to get them to say yes. You need a good follow up strategy. Hassling them down the phone doesn't work!
tick Make their stay memorable - It's not enough to just say "here are the keys, enjoy". You need to cater for their needs and make their stay as easy and pleasant as possible.
tick Get feedback - Never be afraid to ask for feedback and take any criticism as constructive. Follow up after their holiday.
tick Get them to return - Hopefully you're guests will have had a good time. It's time to get them to book up for next year. It's much easier to get someone to return than to find new customers, yet so few ever try to entice satisfied guests back.

These aspects of customer satisfaction are what my system teaches. You can apply my exact successful principles and make them work for your own property.

I also teach about how to correctly price your property for rental and how to make sure that you're actually making money and not just subsidising someone's holiday. There's no point doing it if it's actually costing you money. You won't realise it but you're probably not yet accounting for all the costs you think are attributed to each rental.

Now, you too can benefit from my easy to understand step-by-step system, that I've honed to perfection over the past four years and allowed me to build a successful and profitable rentals portfolio. Here are some of the points covered by my system...

tick Setting your expectations - Understand what you should expect from your property and the triggers that can cause you to drop your rates.  If you get this first step wrong then you'll never succeed.
tick How to tailor the advertising of your property depending on its location and the 7 questions you need to ask yourself about it.  Your property may not be in the best location but that's not a problem.
tick What furniture and items you need to put in your property and the simple techniques you can use to actually save yourself money, and the nice little touches that make people want to come back year-after-year!
tick How to cater for families with kids and how implementing some easy and cheap ideas you can make them love you and come back for more!
tick Why you really must have a welcome book in your apartment and the 11 must-have pieces of information you must include in it.  Your guests will really appreciate this.  Happy guests = returning guests.
tick If you're renting out a new property you need to make sure everything works.  Make sure you that you do these 5 important checks before your first guests arrive.  They won't be happy if these items don't work!
tick How to choose whether you should use a property management or rentals agency as opposed to doing it yourselfBut beware, the DIY route can be difficult to run effectively if you don't know exactly what you should be doing.
tick Choosing a property management/ rentals agency and the 13-point checklist you need to follow to make sure you get the one that's best for you.  Choose wrong and wave goodbye to your continued profitable income.
tick What you must do to achieve professional "I want to rent that" quality photos of your property including examples of common mistakes people make all the time.  Images sell, get this wrong and you'll lose many potential renters.
tick How to set the rental prices for your property and how to calculate the true cost of each rental, including 3 offer ideas you can implement straight away.  This section is worth the price of the ebook alone.  It's THAT important!
tick Where to advertise your property and why you really should produce your own website.  Learn how to choose which rentals websites to advertise on so that you don't waste your money.
tick Learn how not to describe your property in your rental advert and the techniques you must use to make your advert stand out.  There's no point advertising if it won't convert to enquiries.
tick How to turn enquiries into bookings and copies of the responses I use to make it happen and a standard reservation form.  You can swipe these for yourself and use my reservation system that works every time. 
tick Taking security deposits, should you do it?  Understand what is acceptable and how to go about it. 
tick How to solicit feedback from your guests and a copy of the email that I use which you can swipe for yourself.
tick Understand the legal aspects of renting out your property and what you need to check for.  You don't want to be caught out with this one!

...and much much more.

If you are serious about generating profitable and recurring bookings from your property in Spain then my proven simple step-by-step system contains everything you need to know. I take you by the hand from start to finish and show you how you can achieve the same success as me.

Don't just take my word from it, look at some of the feedback I've received about my "Fully Booked" system:

Hi Lisa

Today I was sent your ebook to read through and give my comments on. When I saw how many pages it was I told it was going to take me a while to read, but once I started reading it I couldn't stop. It's fantastic, addictive and full of great information, some of it common sense but when you are trying to rent out your property the simple things are so easy to forget.

If you read this ebook and do everything by the book, you will have a successful rental property.  I already have a successful holiday rental apartment but initially wasted a lot of money on bits and bobs I thought I needed but didn't. I definitley would have saved money if I had read this ebook beforehand and will be taking a number of tips from it too. Do not buy or start renting a holiday apartment before reading this ebook! It will save you money and time.

Joanne Harris


Hello Lisa,

I found your property rental guide extremely useful and very comprehensive. This is a must read for anyone who is currently renting or thinking of renting their property for the first time.

Steve Lacey

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for asking me to review your ebook.  I have to say I found it very useful with lots of helpful tips and ideas.  It does cover absolutely everything someone needs to know when renting out their apartment.  Well done.

David Nicholson 


Wow Lisa what a great guide.  I have picked up so many excellent tips from this.  I've already been renting out my apartment in Murcia for over a year and your guide has really opened my eyes as to what I've been doing wrong all this time.  Thanks for much, I wish you the best of luck with it.

Janet Gomez
Sent by email
25 October 2008


Dear Lisa

I am so grateful you chose me to review your ebook, Fully Booked.  I really never expected it to be so detailed and full of such great advice, hints and tips. Just the first chapter on "Expectations" alone got me hooked and I couldn't stop.  As I'm just starting out this information is proving invaluable to me.  I had no idea where to start and you've made it all seem so easy even though I know it's going to be a lot of work.  Thank for such a great resource. 

Stuart Ramsden
Sent by email
25 October 2008 


I suppose you're probably thinking now that I am going to charge a fortune for all this information and access to my complete "Fully Booked" system.

Well I'm not.  I wrote this ebook to help others achieve what I've achieved.  I want to help people in these tough times to not have to waste their time, energy and money seeing what works and what doesn't. 

I've been there, done it and continue to do it.  If only I'd had access to a resource such as "Fully Booked" when I was starting out, I wouldn't have made all the mistakes that I did.

Now, I want to really encourage you to read my advice.  Understand my system, understand every aspect of renting out your property, whilst making it work for you.

That's why I'm pricing it at just €24!!

That's really quite a small investment for access to my complete rentals system.  Consider that if you make just one extra booking from something you've learned from my system, or even save those €24 from just one of my cost-saving tips, then it will have more than paid for itself.

But, I REALLY want you to succeed with this.  I'm even throwing in....

..an exclusive FREE bonus for you...

SEO guideOne of the things I always encourage people to do is to build their own website for their property.  I go into the reasons why in my guide.  So, I'm including this excellent resource which will help you optimise your own website and drive targeted traffic to it.  This FREE bonus is a:

"Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimisation And Marketing"

Bonus value: €24

Armed with this and "Fully Booked" you'll be well on your way to exploding your rental bookings with hungry would-be renters begging you to rent them your property.

I am so confident you will absolutely find "Fully Booked" an invaluable tool that I'm prepared to remove any risk associated with you buying it.

As a special bonus I am giving a full 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, no questions asked.  Yes, you can try it out for two months and if you're not convinced by it I will give you a full refund and we still part as friends. 

I want to help you with renting your overseas property.  I have developed my system over the past four years and I know it will work for you too.  If for whatever reason it's not for you then just say the work and I will send you your money back..

I hope you've seen the benefits of my system and what it can do for you.  I've also removed the risk of buying it by offering you a 60 day money-back guaranteed.

Follow the instructions below to get it now:

Yes Lisa, give me immediate access to your invaluable resource to explode my rentals bookings at the crazy price of just €24.

I understand I will be able to:

tick Download the eBook to help generate more holiday rental bookings 
tick Download my FREE copy of the search engine optimisation and marketing guide to help me get even more leads from my own website

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Here's to your future holiday rentals bookings success!

All the best

Lisa Kilkenny

P.S.  Remember that you really have nothing to lose here.  Your purchase is backed up by my 100% 60 day money-back guarantee.  If you don't think even just one tiny tip from the eBook will make it pay for itself then let me know and I'll personally refund you the cost of the eBook, no questions asked.